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Sarasvati River
Although the river does not have a physical existence today, there are numerous references to it in the ancient Indian literature of the Vedic period. A part of the river exists now as Ghaggar in Haryana. The present dried bed of the Ghaggar was thus part of a major river, known as Sarasvati. The history calls Sarasvati as the seventh river of the Sindhu Sarasvati river system. Hence it has the name 'Saptsindhu' in the region bounded by rivers Sarasvati in the east and Sindhu (or) Indus in the west. The river Sarasvati originated from the Har-ki-Dun glacier near Yamunotri in West Garhwal It was considered as a mighty river in the ancient times.
Narmada River
River Narmada is one of the most important sacred rivers flourishing mainly in Madhya Pradesh. The river Narmada descended from the sky as by the order of Lord Shiva. The origin is situated at the mountain series of 'Maikal'. It merges into the ocean at 'Bharonch'. The Narmada absolves a man of all his sins, and makes him pure, by merely her divine sight. The mountain "Vinshya" formed the base for the river. Even then the earth was fully flooded with the water.
Godavari River
The river Godavari starts at the western ghats and flows towards the eastern ghats. It flows in the southern India and is considered to be one of the seven sacred rivers. This river originates from the hills situated at the back of the village Tryanibak, located at Nasik district in Maharashtra. A large reservoir is situated at the hill from which the river originates. At 'Daulekharam' it merges into the "Bay of Bengal", making a delta. According to the Hindu religion the river Godavari is considered to be one of the very sacred rivers. The people believe that taking a holy dip in the river relieves them from all the sins.
Cauvery / Kaveri River
Cauvery River, is considered to be a very sacred river of southern India. It originates from the Brahmagiri Hill in the Western Ghats in Coorg district of Karnataka state. The river flows through the states Karnataka and Tamilnadu in the southeastern direction. The holiness and the fame of the river has been written in the tamil literature. Along her lower course where she sweeps round into Tamil Nadu from Karnataka occur a magnificent series of temple towns famed for philosophy, art and music.
Jain Svetambara
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